Moon Twirler (2019)190x122x65cm

This is Moon Twirler - Be very silent around it, or it might bite. The bites are toxic. Toxic in what way you ask? Well, do you see its limbs? Your limbs will curl up the same way by its venom. So watch out.
— Rebar, Plaster, Paper, Steel Wire, Ceramics

Laughing Sleeper (2020)160x150x90cm

This is Laughing Sleeper - A fallen angel cursed to be stuck in the same crooked upside down shape until someone wakes her up.
— Fabric, Rebar, LED-strips, Paper, Motion Sensors, Arduino

Eye Contracts (2018)206x260x60cm

This is Eye Contracts - A shrine to all the 10.001 brave bugs who has led us back to comfort when us humans have been sleepwalking.
— Styrofoam, Jesmonite, Fiberglass, Pigment, Iron Powder

Dandelion Liars (2019)20x10x10cm x2

Here is Dandelion Liars - Spinning upwards, clinging to the air. Whispers in your ear to follow.
— Wire, Paper, Plaster, Pigment, Pencils

City Licker (2019)80x22x10cm

This is "..." -
— Plaster, Wax, Bell, Paper